During a flashback to one week ago, we see the gang break into school at night to find Anita’s necklace. It emerges that Gaz has been sleeping in the school, and when Lauren offers him some food, Gaz reveals that he’s allergic to peanuts. Anita finds directions to Mr Mottram’s holiday home and decides they should go on a trip. Later, Gaz vows to break Newt’s gang apart and secretly films Anita and Newt kissing.

Returning to real-time Nancy tells Lauren that Gaz has gone into seizure. Soon afterwards, Anita watches on as Lauren tells Ste that she believes Ricky is guilty. We see a flashback to the cottage of Anita pouring peanuts in Gaz’s lager, and of Lauren explaining to Newt, how Hamlet could have got away with murder…

Leila reveals to Elliot that she is looking for Anita, who’s gone missing. In a ploy to get Leila to talk to Elliot, Archie brings her to the Evissa flat. As Archie comforts her, they end up kissing…

Also, Calvin helps Mercedes when she falls over chasing after Gaz. While she waits for her taxi to turn up, they reflect on their past relationships, leaving Mercedes wondering if hers can survive.

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