Anita puts her trust in Gaz

Anita is scared when Gaz approaches her but he assures her that he’s a changed man after going to counselling and apologises for bullying her. Anita is sceptical but a convincing Gaz manages to win her round. Anita confides in Gaz and he later texts her to meet up but his promise that he has changed turns out to be a lie when he throws white paint over her.

Hannah helps Justin work on his bike and there’s an obvious spark between them. They take the bike for a test run and Justin is impressed by Hannah’s riding. Ash feels threatened when Hannah arrives back at the SU bar with Justin. Hannah helps Justin at the bar and when their hands brush together they are irresistibly drawn in to a kiss…

Russ finds Jacqui planning to doss down for the night in Tan & Tumble after the rat problem at the McQueens’ and he’s furious she’d think of camping out in a launderette with a baby. Jacqui points out that Russ hasn’t been the most attentive dad and out of guilty he offers Jacqui and Max a place to stay.

Also, the McQueens scatter around the village as they wait for the rat problem to be sorted out.

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