Anita wants to be more like the popular Theresa and she uses a picture of Theresa for her profile on a social networking site. Meanwhile, Lauren decides to give Anita a break and suggests to Newt that they forgive Anita for her ‘bullying’. Anita discovers that Lauren has sent Theresa a video clip of her being whitewashed by Gaz and she finally snaps and smashes Lauren’s MP3 player in revenge.

Loretta is left homeless after quitting her job and Dom plans to invite her to move in. Dom puts a spare set of keys on a new diamante key ring but Darren has already offered Loretta his spare room. Later, Loretta is approached by a leering punter from the club and Dom is reminded yet again of the unsavoury side to Loretta’s job.

Rhys talks Josh into approaching Kris about getting their new band airtime on his radio show. Kris isn’t interested but when Josh and Rhys start to bicker he broadcasts their row. The boys are a hit with the listeners and they come up with the name ‘The Somethings’ when Kris lets them do a live session. Kris appoints himself their manager and decides they need a female vocalist.

Also, Archie ruins Zoe’s college project.

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