Anita tells Ravi about Gaz’s bullying

Ravi corners Gaz about bullying Anita but Gaz insists he and Anita are seeing each other, bringing up Anita’s confession that Ravi is bisexual as proof. Anita is hurt when Ravi has a go at her and she breaks down and tells him exactly what Gaz has done. Ravi and Ash menacingly warn off Gaz but Anita is terrified that her brothers have made things worse.

Hannah is admitted to hospital with injuries following the bike accident. Ash lies to Hannah and her family that Justin tampered with the bike to hurt Hannah because he’s jealous of their relationship. Justin is stunned when he turns up to see Hannah and finds himself accused. Ash convinces Rhys to get justice for his sister and lie that Justin confessed. Rhys and Ash confront Justin and Rhys is left bloodied and bruised after starting a fight.

Nancy is furious when she gets back to the flat to discover that Jacqui has rearranged the furniture. Russ knows that Nancy is angry but he wants to keep Jacqui sweet and compliments her on her efforts. Nancy can’t stand it any longer and tells Jacqui that Russ is trying it on with her and is working his way through the McQueen sisters!

Also, Carmel finds the face of Jesus inside a potato!

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