Anita, Theresa and Lauren’s plot backfires

Mercedes‘ dodgy perfume leaves half the village with a rash and she threatens Theresa and Anita to raise cash for refunds. Anita has a scam but when it fails, Lauren and Theresa commiserate over a drink. Meanwhile, Michaela and Sasha are also on the look out for a money-making idea to throw a baby shower for Amy. Lauren and Theresa return to discover Anita’s plan is working now that Sasha has been roped in.

Mercedes gets wind of the scheme and wants in but she is confronted by a disgruntled customer. Jacqui steps in and a catfight breaks out between the sisters. The police arrive and the girls scatter and are chased around the village. The police take Lauren, Anita and Theresa to the station but Michaela swings them an early release – just in time for Amy’s baby shower!

Carmel has had enough of Jacqui and Mercedes and she drops them off in the middle of nowhere and tells them to sort out their differences or she’s not taking them home. When Carmel returns she mistakes their attempted escape as a sign that they’re still fighting and arrests them. At the police station the sisters bond and are reunited at last. Carmel agrees to let them go as long as Mercedes moves home.

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