Anita turns killer!

A couple of familiar faces pop in Casualty this week, as ex-EastEnder Anita Dobson and Fawlty Towers’ Andrew Sachs team up to play a Jewish couple who run a pharmacy which is being terrorised by a local drug addict called Craig.

Craig, has been constantly plaguing Rachel (Anita) and Mendel (Andrew) with demands for methadone, the drug used to treat heroin withdrawal, and after 18 months of threats and intimidation, the couple have had enough.

When the angry junkie appears in their chemist, Mendel decides to stand up to him. While her husband is arguing with Craig, Rachel prepares the methadone, and adds a mysterious substance to the bottle. Craig then grabs the methadone and runs out – after which, Rachel is distraught to discover Mendel has been stabbed.

At ED, Jordan and Lenny stabilise Mendel. Later, when Craig is brought in by ambulance, having collapsed at home, Rachel quietly tells him what she did. But she gets a shock when critically ill Craig reveals his pregnant addict girlfriend also took the stuff!

Elsewhere, Dylan offers sick street girl Becca a place to stay for the night but finds himself in serious trouble when Jordan finds out she’s only 15. And a petrified Mads is still living in fear of her attacker, Ash, who has stepped up his threatening behaviour.

Jordan initially sacks Dylan but later reinstates him when he discovers the truth. Mads realises she has to stand up to Ash and report him.