Anita wants revenge on Lauren

Anita is desperate to prove that Lauren is setting her up to look like a bully and when Lauren admits the truth to her she secretly records it on her mobile phone. Lauren realises what Anita is up to and snatches the phone from her then sets off in hot pursuit when Anita does a runner. Anita is saved by an unlikely hero, Gaz, who puts Lauren in her place.

Ash names the time and place for his motorbike race with Justin, who coolly accepts, despite inwardly bricking it. Meanwhile, Hannah confesses to Hayley and Leila that she’s been having secret motorbike lessons to prove to Ash that she’s not a dizzy little girl.

The McQueen household is in uproar when a rat is found in the kitchen and the girls, along with Malachy and Zak, retreat to the living room. New TA recruit Zak feels it’s his duty to deal with the rat but when it comes to the crunch he can’t get over his rat phobia. Michaela and Malachy offer to help Zak sort out the rat, which has by now disappeared, and the hunt is on!

Also, Rhys has a great time with Hayley but can’t get over her disability.

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