Leila’s shocked when she finds out the job is in Paris and it will mean being away from Ravi and Anita. Anita’s pleased when Theresa turns up after seeing the party invite on the web and with Ravi and Leila out of the way, the girls are excited to get their party started.

Ravi knocks himself unconscious at a training session, Ste panics and cuts Leila’s interview short. Theresa begs Anita not to tell anyone she was the only one who turned up at the party and acts cool in front of Ste. Later, Leila arrives home to find her sculpture has been smashed to pieces.

Darren visits Hannah in hospital and she tells him he can accompany her to her counselling session. Later, he’s devastated when Steph blames him for the state Hannah’s in and Rhys threatens him to stay away from his sister. When Darren fails to show up, Hannah feels let down and walks out. Darren eventually turns up but Hannah tells him she wants to die.

Also; Cheryl’s going full steam ahead with her plans to get a place with Gilly; After seeing Steph Gilly decides to let go of the past and invites Cheryl to move in with him at The Dog.

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