Anna accepts Phelan’s indecent proposal (VIDEO)

Phelan tells Anna to meet him at his hotel room at 3pm if she wants to get Owen and Gary off the hook. Telling Roy she feels unwell, she takes the afternoon off and heads to Phelan’s room. As he locks the door behind her, Anna feels sick, but is prepared to sacrifice her body for her family.

Andrea agrees to give an apologetic Steve another chance and they make a start on their history project. Feeling peckish, Steve slips out to get them a kebab but when he returns Andrea has fallen asleep. Waking her, she mistakes him for Lloyd and pulls him in for a hug just as Michelle and Lloyd enter!

Sophie is trying to help Maddie, but she’s hurt when Maddie tells her to go home to her middle class semi as she hasn’t a clue about life on the streets.

Also, Tyrone’s horrified when he gets a call from the police to say that Kirsty’s been released from prison; Jenna covers her reservations when Lloyd tells her he’s thinking of taking Andrea away for a romantic weekend.