Phelan explains to a horrified Anna that Jason’s given him some work so he’ll be sticking around. Anna finally flips before Gary or Izzy can stop her and sets about smashing up Phelan’s van. When Phelan arrives back, Anna launches herself at him – as Kevin rounds the corner he’s stunned to see Anna attacking Phelan.

Having mulled over Tracy’s ultimatum, Carla confides in Michelle that this could be an opportunity to start again. Later, she sews the seed in Nick’s mind that it would be good to move away.

Sally’s furious with Norris for telling the Gazette she’s opposed to the new supermarket as she’s married to a window cleaner and therefore supports small businesses. Later, she calls Tim, Liz and Norris to the cab office where she tells Tim she wants him to quit his job and work in the cab office.

Johnny’s delighted as he shows Sinead the photos from the shoot. Alya meets up with her old uni friend Rana in the bistro and it’s clear Zeedan fancies her.