Faye’s adamant she doesn’t want to keep her baby. Anna insists Faye’s just confused but Owen reckons they should listen to her. Sensing the tension between Anna and Owen, Gary takes Faye out. Anna and Owen have the mother of all rows and as it escalates, Anna finally snaps and tells Owen she doesn’t love him any more.

After a bit of afternoon delight with Tracy, Tony heads home to Liz, dropping his wallet in haste. When Tony calls in the shop, Tracy surreptitiously hands him his wallet and they share a brief kiss. Having witnessed their exchange Todd confronts Tracy, who offers him a pay rise in return for his silence.

Seeing Faye upset, Alya postpones her business dinner with Carla and asks Faye for some teen fashion advice for her website. Having been stood up by Alya, Carla makes to leave the bistro, but Nick insists she stays and has dinner with him.

In the gym, Sarah eyes up Callum while Bethany eyes up Zeedan.