Anna discovers Faye has been lying to her

Anna shocked to learn Faye has been visiting Seb in Corrie

Anna climbs into Phelan’s van with Faye, who admits he’s been giving her lifts to the Young Offenders’ Unit to visit Seb. In a fury, Anna drives off, stopping away from the street where they have a blazing row and Faye runs off. Later, Kevin reveals his surprise hotel booking to Anna, but she refuses to go. Is she using Faye as an excuse to avoid getting intimate with Kevin?

Leanne and Toyah play Chloe at her own game and threaten to report her for assault unless she drops the charges against Peter. Will Chloe concede and will she give Peter an alibi for the time Ken was attacked?

Leanne’s disappointed when Nick tells her that neither Steve nor Liz can make the naming ceremony.

When her friends rally round will Shona do a U-turn on her plan to leave the Street?