Eileen’s unnerved when she receives a call from Anna begging her to visit again. When Tim and Gary reveal that Anna’s court case may be postponed as Seb’s done a runner, Faye’s worried sick, as is Eileen who’s overheard. As Eileen sets off in her car, Phelan watches his suspicions aroused. At the prison Eileen and warns her to watch her back as Phelan will turn on her one day.

Sarah’s taken aback as Bethany admits she’s been deleting Gary’s texts as she’s better off without him. Beth tries to talk to Craig about his relationship with Bethany but he continually looks at his watch. Later, Craig and Jess are called to a disturbance at a lap dancing club and Craig is horrified to see Bethany in her lap dancing gear.

Eva confides in Shona that she’s not been feeling well. Shona googles Eva’s symptoms and when she shows her the result, Eva’s stunned.

A furious Leanne tells Peter how Simon’s been excluded for selling vodka at school which he stole from the pub.

First episode of the evening.