Anna fights the tears at Donald’s funeral

Anna fights back the tears as she makes a short but honest speech at Donald’s funeral. But a guilty Matthew can’t look her in the eye. Carl receives a phone call and tells his brothers that the business is in trouble as they still haven’t received a penny from Polek and other backers are calling in debts. Matthew asks Anna for a loan out of desperation and she agrees.

Jasmine resolves not to let Shane’s murder ruin her life and she tells McNally that she will be entering the young journalist competition with a story about the possible church closure. McNally is disappointed she’s dropped the drugs story, but agrees to see how it turns out.

Ashley arranges for the choir to have their first gig in front of the nursery. Laurel is concerned about shy Gennie’s reaction. David snidely wishes Laurel luck but she’s preoccupied with Gennie’s continuing confidence issues. Finally Val snaps and warns Gennie that if she can’t sing with the rest of the choir then she might as well leave. Gennie is rattled, but when Jamie convinces her she’s got a lovely voice, she agrees to set aside her doubts.

Also, Diane is back and upset that Andy has got into more trouble.