Anna is devastated by Faye’s video nasty

An irate Tim wants to know why he hasn’t been told about Faye and Simon. When Anna receives a call from Faye’s school and finds out she’s been in a fight and smashed up Grace’s phone, Anna’s despairs. When Asha shows Mary a video that has gone viral at school, Faye’s cruel actions are finally revealed.

Feeling guilty that he misread Grace and Faye’s intentions, Peter agrees to Simon staying off school with Tina. When Simon tells Tina that Grace filmed the bullying incident Tina’s appalled and goes to find Peter to lend her support.

Carla’s frustrated trying to run the factory and organise the wedding single-handedly, while Roy and Hayley set off to hospital for Hayley’s first chemotherapy session.

Also, Steve tells Michelle about his new friend Andrea, a girl from his course who’s helping him with his homework.