Faye’s locked herself in her bedroom following Owen’s slap and is refusing to come out. Owen’s at his wit’s end and when Anna arrives home he tells her how Faye was responsible for killing the fish. Angry, Anna confronts Faye over the fish, but she reveals how Owen hit her leaving Anna no other choice, but to throw Owen out.

Becky tells Kylie she now knows Tracy had her miscarriage the day before she fell down the stairs, but without seeing her medical records she can’t prove it. When she then reveals she plans to break into the medical centre and find Tracy’s records, Kylie warns her that it’s a bad idea, but Becky refuses to listen. As she smashes her way in, the alarm goes off. Kylie’s enlisted Roy‘s help and tries to drag Becky away before any damage is done.

When Eileen offers to look after Lesley while Paul attends a meeting with her care people she struggles to cope. As Lesley grows confused Eileen tries to bury her misgivings about her situation.

Also, Kirsty’s thrilled to discover Tina’s changed her statement and after begrudgingly thanking her she suggests they could start afresh.