Anna seethes when she spots Eileen with Phelan

When Anna spots Eileen and Phelan enjoying an intimate lunch she’s horrified and decides to tell Eileen what he’s capable of. Meanwhile, Eileen takes Pat back to No.11 where he explains if they’re to have any chance of a successful relationship, then there’s something he needs to tell her about Anna.

When Gemma rolls in late, Kylie puts pressure on David to fire her so he sacks her, explaining she’s not cut out for hairdressing. Meanwhile, Freddie calls in the Salon and asks Kylie if she’ll join him for a drink by way of thanks for her help. Kylie’s sympathetic as Freddie reflects that life will never be the same without his beloved Sadie.

As Rana and Zeedan kiss, Rana voices her concern at Alya’s reaction to their relationship but he assures her it’ll be fine. When the pair settle at their table in the bistro, Rana’s unnerved to spot her ex, Javed.

Norris then calls in the factory and hands out chocolate bars in a shameless attempt to buy votes, Sally’s furious.