Anna tells Matthew she loves him!

*One-hour episode*

Anna and Matthew return from their trip and Anna is torn over whether to tell Donald the information she’s learned about the Kings. Anna is put out when she catches Matthew flirting with a business client and deliberately scuppers the deal then blurts out to a stunned Matthew that she’s in love with him. Later, Donald is furious when Anna burns the information she had on the Kings and when Anna reveals she loves Matthew a betrayed Donald disowns her.

Lily feels faint during her lunch break at work and a worried Rodney insists on taking her to hospital. Lily is given tests and told to return for a CT scan. Lily makes Rodney swear not to tell anyone even Edna. Later, Lily struggles to hold her tongue when Val has another go at her.

Jo is grateful for Mick and Lee’s help around the farm and she is touched when Lee cooks dinner for all of them. The Naylors invite Jo for a drink at The Woolpack and Mick talks a reluctant Jo into going with them. Andy watches Jo bonding with Lee and struggles to contain his jealousy, but Diane warns him not to lose his cool.

Also, Brenda is surprised when she enjoys her date with Terry.