Anna braces herself for the verdict. Will she be found guilty?

Anna has had mixed fortunes in court and today is judgement day.

When Tim is called as a witness he’s forced to admit that he and Gary encouraged Seb to change his story, Anna’s heart sinks whilst Phelan looks like the cat who’s got the cream. As the judge sums up the case what will be the verdict?

When Craig’s called to a fracas at the lap dancing club he’s appalled to see that Gary’s been beaten up. Craig takes Bethany home, where devoid of any shame, she tells Sarah she’s been working as a lap dancer and Gary came into the club and tried to grope her. Horrified Sarah heads to the hospital but when Gary explains Bethany set him up with her mate and then framed him for assault will Sarah believe him?

As Peter addresses his alcoholics’ group, Toyah slips in at the back, hoping for a quiet word. However when Peter describes how thrilled he is about their baby and how it’s going to change his life, will her resolve weaken?

Gemma throws Henry a Newton & Ridley themed surprise party in the Rovers and Henry dons the sailor costume with pride. Adam finds Billy in a lot of pain and masking his delight, says he can get his hands on some stronger painkillers…

Second episode of evening.