As Ash worries for her friend, Maxine tells her boyfriend how she’s feeling. But when Patrick gives her a back-handed compliment, she still doesn’t feel reassured. Unaware to them, Ash is watching and starts to get her nagging feeling back that something isn’t right. She goes to see Anna and is intrigued when she warns her to protect Maxine and to help her build a case against her ex.


Sienna makes one last desperate attempt to get rid of Nancy when she asks a broken Nancy to meet her in The Dog car park and shockingly encourages her to leave with Oscar and Charlie – she wants Darren all to herself. Sienna smiles as Nancy drives away with the children, but when Darren later finds Sienna in the flat, bound and gagged with the gas switched on, she blames Nancy!


Becoming increasingly desperate, John Paul turns to Frankie, who promises to raise the £5k that Chloe needs. She stumps up the cash, but when she tells John Paul that Matthew will be living with her from now on, he throws it back in her face. John Paul scrapes together £400 to give to Chloe, but it’s not enough.


Also, Danny gets the shock of his life when Patrick reveals just how much he knows…