Annabelle is the creepy porcelain doll with blonde pigtails and rouged cheeks from 2013’s The Conjuring.

She has already had her own spin-off movie with the eponymous Annabelle and now she gets an origins tale.

Director David F Sandberg doubles down on the horror by setting the tale in a remote and eerie 1950s rural house that has dodgy electricity, doors that open and shut by themselves and a creaky dumb waiter.

But it’s Annabelle herself you really need to look out for when a nun (Stephanie Sigman) and six orphan girls come to stay in the home of a retired dollmaker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his invalid wife (Miranda Otto), still grieving the loss of their daughter in a car accident 12 years earlier.

The set-up is hardly fresh, but Sandberg keeps us nicely on edge, using shadowy suggestion rather than big jump scares to deliver some artfully sustained shivers.