Annalese becomes suspicious when she catches Michael and Donna whispering and starts snooping through his private things. After she finds details of a hotel booking in Rome, Michael tells her he has a conference there and, later, Annalese spots a travel guide for Rome in Donna’s locker. Later, Annalese gets a shock when Michael tells her it’s her he’s taking to Rome.

Growing increasingly frustrated with Ric’s zero-tolerance policy, Connie pressures him to give up his job as Director of Surgery. Ric agrees to treat Frankie, the son of the obese patient, as it’s an emergency – but lectures him about his unhealthy lifestyle. Later, Ric tells Connie he’s resigned, but lies that he must serve three month’s notice. It’s clear Ric’s not going anywhere…

Meanwhile, it’s Daisha’s 30th birthday and, while she doesn’t want to celebrate, the staff throw a surprise party for her. Rachel offers to babysit for Daisha, who is concerned about taking advantage of Mark. Mark’s patient thinks he fancies Daisha and, although he denies it, he later gives her an expensive bracelet for her birthday.

Also, Joseph tells Linden that he hasn’t been able to tell Faye that he slept with Jac – and he’s rattled when Faye tells him she suspects Jac might be pregnant.