Annalese uncovers Michael and Donna’s secret – with deadly results!

Michael is having a bad day. His lie about Donna’s phone call exposed, Annalese demands he tell her the truth. Michael asks Donna to cover for him, but Donna thinks he should come clean to his wife. Annalese asks Donna if she had sex with her husband. Donna denies it, but eventually Michael cracks and confesses his fling. The couple don’t have time to sort this out, as they are rushed into theatre to operate on MP Steve Hewitt. Annalese can’t concentrate and makes a fatal mistake, killing Hewitt. Is this the end of her marriage and her career?

Faye asks Linden over for Mexican food after work and gives him a small kiss. Jac notices their closeness. Linden finds a 12-week baby scan in Jac’s diary, and realises she was planning to pass it off as her own as proof she was pregnant. Should he tell Faye and blow his chances with her?

Daisha has been seeing the counsellor for the last few weeks about her problems since having baby Joe. But she has missed her appointment and Chrissie decides it’s her mission to get Daisha back on track and out of her father’s life. Mark thinks she is making a big mistake.