Anna’s a wreck trying to hide her dirty secret

Leaving the hotel room, Anna is full of self-loathing after making an almighty sacrifice for her family. When she arrives home she is stunned to find the whole family have prepared a lovely meal for her. Owen tells her she’s the best partner and mother, but Anna is disgusted with herself.

Michelle and Lloyd remain deeply suspicious when Steve and Andrea explain nothing is going on between them. Steve tells Michelle that Andrea used to have a crush on him and Andrea tells Lloyd that Steve had a crush on her, but now they’re just mates. It seems they are digging themselves into a bigger hole.

Emily talks about Ernest and how important it is to hang on to the one you love, but Tina takes her advice to heart. Vowing to win Peter back, she texts him telling him that she loves him. Peter is conflicted about what to do next.

Also, Tyrone breaks the news to Fiz that Kirsty’s been released; Maddie and Sophie spend the night sleeping rough in a shop doorway.