Kevin defends Phelan, convinced he would never rip him off and Anna’s furious that he’s taking Phelan’s side yet again. Gary warns Anna that by keeping the truth about Phelan from Kevin, she’s pushing him away.

Simon assures Leanne that Kyle’s injuries were an accident but she’s not convinced when he lashes out again, hitting Ken’s car. He then confesses to Zeedan that he hurt Kyle on purpose and he was glad to see him suffer. Zeedan shares the awful news with Leanne and she decides the time has come to take drastic action.

Eva admits to Aidan that she knew Marta was in the factor,y but she was worried for her safety as she was on the run from some people who kept her as a slave. Meanwhile, Johnny buys a lonely Jenny a drink and assures her that the factory girls will come round eventually.

Beth insists Kirk takes her to hospital when her skin becomes ichy and blotchy. Kate tells Caz that Carla is her half-sister before assuring her she’s fine and that Sophie was a tower of strength.