Jai seems to have been in a bad mood for weeks and Miles is beginning to get concerned about him. Thinking that he’s had a barney with Romeo or Annie, Miles checks with Romeo who thinks Jai’s simply being a teenager. Meanwhile, Annie and Romeo’s sexual tension has been growing and Romeo, having been told by Jai that he’s no longer interested in Annie, isn’t prepared to fight it any longer.

They start to go out but Romeo knows he has to tell Jai. He eventually comes clean and assures Jai nothing happened until after he’d said he wasn’t interested, but Jai thinks he can’t be friends with him and still see Annie.
Later, Jai can’t decide whether to compete for a school exchange to Japan, but when he gets a place and agrees to go, Miles isn’t sure it’s what he wants.

Tony, worried about Rachel’s post-natal depression, isn’t keen on her decision to go back to work part-time, but as he wants to support her, he eventually agrees to it. He then has to cover a shift at the surf club and the day turns into one nightmare after another. Rachel is then very late from work, and Tony is too tired to even speak when she arrives home, although he hides it from Rachel.

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