Annie has Romeo on her mind. As much as she tries, she can’t avoid talking about him. He’s all she thought about while in Japan, and she wants to know if he feels the same way. But she’s disappointed when he doesn’t come to school, and Ruby’s explanations don’t help. Annie is worried – maybe Romeo didn’t miss her as badly as she missed him. Ruby tells her not to worry, but Annie confesses that she thinks she’s in love with Romeo.

Charlie is thrown after Angelo’s kiss. Ruby thinks Charlie should give it another go, but Charlie’s not sure. She’s still unable to commit. But Angelo gives her a way out – they can start as friends and go from there. Charlie is happy with that and they hang out.

Liam is upset when Martha tells him they’re housemates and nothing more. He’s cold with her and she wants to know why. She apologises and offers him a lift home. On the way, she pulls over and they make love in the car. But when they arrive home, Martha is once again cold, and Liam has had enough. He doesn’t like the way she’s treating him, and right now their ‘situation’ isn’t working for him at all.

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