Geoff and Roman find Annie praying with Reverend Hall in a car on the headland. But Annie begins to panic when Reverend Hall starts the ignition, locks the doors and tells her his dream of being at one with God. At Roman’s direction, Geoff distracts Hall so that Roman can get Annie out of the car.

Geoff risks his life by throwing himself in front of the car to stop Hall driving off the cliff. Geoff manages to persuade Hall out of the car. But when the cops arrive, Hall attempts to throw himself off the cliff, leaving Roman to tackle him.

Annoyed at Roman for going off on the search without waking her, Irene is further irritated when Geoff and Annie tell her what a hero Roman was. Meanwhile, Geoff decides to quit playing football in the city in favour of putting his energy into preparing for the ministry.

Rachel is clearly concerned to hear from Jack and Tony about Roman’s involvement with Hall on the headland, and as she hurries to check he’s OK, Jack notices Tony’s disappointment. Tony confesses his growing feelings for Rachel and, with Jack’s encouragement, asks Rachel on a date. And after hearing Colleen compare Roman to Kim, Rachel decides to accept his offer.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 12*