Annie runs into trouble

Fed up with VJ’s bad behaviour at the Nipper Carnival, Leah agrees when Colleen offers to take him home. On the way home, VJ runs off after Jai and Annie when Colleen’s back is turned. Unable to catch up with them, VJ decides instead to explore a storm drain. Later, Annie and Jai find VJ’s bike on the ground.

They call his name and hear an echo of reply among the drain network. As a storm approaches, they decide to split up to look for him. Jai manages to locate VJ, but when he calls Annie, there’s no response. As the storm gets stronger, Jai calls for help. Miles arrives but can’t find Annie. Charlie and another officer arrive with a map of the system, and race off to another entrance.

Meanwhile, the storm gets worse, and Annie is terrified as she hears another roll of thunder. She is relieved to see a flash of light from the lightning and realises she must be near an exit. She rushes towards it, until she finds it barred by a grill. Worse still, she hears the sound of rushing water, and it’s coming towards her…

Also, Charlie is in a bad way after her break-up with Roman, and buries herself in work and alcohol.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday January 19*

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