Annie throws herself at Lucas

Tam and Geoff bond after she defends him to some school bullies. Worried that Tam is a bad influence, Annie tells Geoff to keep his distance. But Tam doesn’t take kindly to Annie’s interference and takes revenge, telling Annie that Lucas is in love with her. Annie declares her feelings for him, but is humiliated and hurt when Lucas rejects her advances.

Reeling, Annie decides to run away, sneaks out of bed and catches a bus to the farm, wanting to move back in with her granddad. But stubborn Bruce coldly turns her away, prompting a devastated Annie to run back the way she came. Sobbing uncontrollably, and on the brink of emotional exhaustion, Annie collapses in one of the paddocks.

Sally arrange for Tam to phone her mum at the retreat once a week, providing Tam behaves well and abides by house rules. Tam initially refuses, but Brad talks her around.

Also, when Rachel is stood up by Leah, Lewis steps in to keep her company. The pair hit it off and end up back at Rachel’s house, kissing passionately…

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