Geoff is still reeling after receiving Christine’s AVO, and knows that unless he wants to take her to court, he’s powerless to do anything about it. He finds it difficult to believe he’s being treated like a criminal when he’s done nothing wrong. Despite Irene’s warning, Annie goes to visit Melody, bumping into Nicole on her way.

Bored Nicole offers to help Geoff out with his dilemma and suggests a plan. Annie sneaks into Melody’s house to deliver Nicole’s mobile to let Melody call Geoff without Christine knowing. Geoff and Melody are both thrilled to make contact with each other, but the plan goes wrong when Roman calls his daughter’s phone, and it goes off in front of Christine.

Nicole is curious about why Aden continues to avoid her after they got together. Aden takes offence at her jibes and visits Rachel in the hope she can give him some advice on how to deal with what happened with Nicole. Rachel suggests Aden talk to a good psychologist, but he can’t face the thought of confiding his past abuse to anyone else.

Also, Oliver is revealed to be Kane and Kirsty’s son.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday July 10*