Annie’s in trouble

Aden feels smug at finding a drunken Annie passed out on the beach, but soon realises how serious the situation is and hauls her towards the Surf Club. Meanwhile, Geoff and Tony are frantically searching for Annie when they spot Aden with his hands on Annie’s head. Although Aden is trying to keep her propped up, it seems to everyone else that he is taking advantage of her. She is taken to the Surf Club, where Rachel turns up to confirm that Annie has severe alcohol poisoning whilst Jack questions an indignant Aden. Annie reaches hospital, but when she finally awakes, she can’t remember anything, leaving things looking very bad for Aden. Meanwhile, Martha checks the alcohol supplies and confirms Aden’s story that Annie stole the alcohol. But everyone remains sceptical that Annie would turn to drink, and continues to blame Aden. Martha is still frustrated by Jack’s businesslike attitude towards her, but Jack insists that they can only get along if Martha makes friends with Sam. Later, Martha tries to offer an olive branch to Sam, but is swiftly cut down to size. It seems that Sam’s defensive reaction is down to the fact that she’s the one sheltering Johnny Cooper. But what has he got over Sam? *Showing on RTE One, Monday March 31*