Annie’s shocked by Irene’s behaviour

Irene is released and Annie and Geoff are very excited. At home, Irene is thrilled to see everyone and Annie hopes that everything will return to normal. But Belle knew Irene was drinking in prison and confides to Aden that she doesn’t think she’ll stop now.

Aden thinks the kids should know and Irene swears she’ll tell them tomorrow. Irene goes for a walk and is confronted by Donna, who calls her a murderer and a gold digger, and threatens to fight Irene in the courts. Irene buys grog, and Annie is distraught to see Irene drinking.

Roman and Gardy are at the warehouse. They overpower two security guards and a clerk, and Gardy orders Roman to ‘Finish them off’ so Roman locks them in a room. Furious, Gardy decides to do the job himself and Roman realises he’ll have to fight Gardy to stop him from killing the hostages.

Miles has told Charlie the whole story. Charlie starts a search for Roman, and sets about protecting Nicole, Miles and his family. It’s only late in the day that Charlie recalls Miles telling her not to rule out Gardy returning to the warehouse. Charlie heads back there – but will it be too late?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 1*

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