Paul Rudd’s miniscule Ant-Man punches well above his weight in this super comic-book movie.

Rudd is cat burglar Scott Lang and Michael Douglas is wary scientist Henry Pym, the inventor of a special suit that shrinks its wearer to the size of an ant.

Naturally, Scott can’t keep his hands off the suit and the ensuing perils he faces – from being sluiced down a bath plug hole to being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner – are inherently funny.

There are more chuckles when Scott tries to thwart the nefarious plans of Pym’s former business protégé, Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross, with help from his former cellmate Luis (Michael Peña) and his petty criminal chums.

Their mission is standard-issue stuff, but Rudd’s humorously self-deprecating persona works wonders with the material, Peña takes his stereotypical Latino sidekick role and makes it fizz with good-natured fun and  Evangeline Lilly is also great as Pym’s coolly self-possessed daughter.