Anthony loses everything!

Joey finds out that Alice is planning on losing her virginity to Anthony. Determined to stop it, he convinces Anthony to play poker with him and Derek, insisting it will win round Derek. Joey plays Derek to get him to agree to the game. Joey is first to fold as the stakes are raised. Out of his depth and out of cash, Anthony puts up the Emporium as a stake and loses everything! Anthony realises he’s blown it with Alice, Derek and Tyler. He quickly packs and heads out of Walford for good.

Lucy is annoyed to learn that Ian has over-ordered on the stall – it’s another headache she doesn’t need. When Joey says she’s working too hard, Lucy decides to let the stall go. Sharon realises how devastated Ian is as the stall has been in the family for generations. Lucy realises she can’t disappoint Ian and agrees to keep it on.

AJ is back at the Masoods after finally splitting from Aliyah. Zainab doesn’t think AJ is taking the split seriously and calls Aliyah to come and save her marriage. When AJ finds out what Zainab has done he’s furious, revealing they’re getting a divorce because Aliyah cheated on him.