Anthony arrives for his first day as Practice Manager. Mrs Tembe does the rounds, introducing Anthony to Sid, who Anthony compliments for his antiobiotic campaign. Anthony hopes that he and Mrs Tembe will have a productive working relationship.

Valerie’s so focused on tomorrow’s chemo date that she has got some appointment dates wrong. Mrs Tembe goes to Anthony, who reveals that his mother went through chemotherapy so he understands. Mrs Tembe thanks Anthony and offers to give him her staff notes. Anthony agrees, but when she is gone, he’s exasperated.

Pat introduces Ade to Ayesha as her grandson. But later, Ade admits he’s been living on the streets and when Pat mistakenly believed he was her grandson, he didn’t correct her. But Pat already knows the truth and insists that they both have a chance to help each other. Ayesha leaves them, hopeful of a possible happy future.