May has been skating on thin ice ever since she allowed Yuki to take the blame for breaking a patient’s neck. It saved May’s career, but what if Yuki were to come back from wherever he’s been hiding?

This week May’s forced to face her worst fears when Yuki is brought into the emergency department in a distressed and disorientated state.

May spends her shift trying to avoid Yuki until Charlie asks her to give him a letter that’s been delivered to the ward. White powder spills from the envelope and May discovers it also contains a death threat saying ‘Anthrax – you’re all going to die’. Charlie acts quickly and the entire ward goes into lockdown.

May finds herself quarantined in a room with Yuki and Lenny, along with a young patient who is in desperate need of a blood transfusion and someone who is a perfect match. But with none of the surgeons able to enter the room, it’s up to the young medics to save him. Only Yuki knows what to do and saves the day – forcing May to realise she has to confess to her crimes so Yuki can practice medicine. She leaves Holby in a cloud of shame.

Elsewhere Jessica’s return opens painful wounds for both her and Adam. They decide to go their separate ways for good.