Mary decides to enter some of the estate pigs into the local livestock show and pays a visit to farmer Mr Drewe but Edith is anxious when it becomes clear that the obsessive Mrs Drewe still wants to be part of Marigold’s life, and, after she snatches the little girl at the show, Mr Drewe concedes that his family should move away and find another tenancy.

Meanwhile, an increasingly distraught Anna confides in Mary that she can’t have a baby, but when Mary books her an appointment at Harley Street, a doctor reveals that a simple medical procedure could help her become a mother.

Carson and Mrs Hughes are at loggerheads over where to get married, as the housekeeper wants to tie the knot in the village, but Carson wants to take up the family’s offer of holding a celebration at the house.

Meanwhile, Thomas becomes convinced his job is on the line but an interview for a new position only makes him feel worse and Cora may have a plan to help Mr Mason, but she is also drawn further into Isobel and Violet’s battle over the hospital.