Dex alerts the world to their engagement via facebook and April’s not pleased. Nate is disappointed, hoping she was more career focused, causing her to doubt her decision. However, she can’t help but be charmed by Dex’s excitement.

Josh is in pain after being shot by his mother and his brother being arrested. Josh is confused and upset when Ricky tells him that Brax sent her to watch over him, but Nate persuades Josh not to push Ricky away. Later, Ricky looks through her camera to see pictures of Brax, and suddenly a life without him is all too real.

Spencer realises who Oscar is and reveals he met Evelyn at the seminar yesterday. He gives Oscar the notes Evie passed on. Seeing he’s upset, Sasha tracks down Oscar who reveals Spencer is in danger. The cult is trying to recruit him and Evelyn’s note was a warning. But Spencer doesn’t believe Oscar.

Murray is pleased with Evelyn’s work recruiting Spencer. Freya, a follower of Murray’s, has been to the discovery weekend and Evelyn questions her but Murray is disappointed in Evelyn’s questioning. Later, Freya warns Evelyn not to go to the discovery weekend – terrible things happen there but Spencer is seduced by the cult.