April is angry that Xavier is blackmailing John. It’s unethical, not to mention illegal. She demands he revoke his blackmail threat. Xavier does, but pleads with John to still take April’s idea to council. John refuses. Xavier tells Gina that John is on board and Gina is surprised and thrilled. She praises John and lavishes him with affection. John is forced to play along with the idea.

Miles is concerned about Nicole as she waits for her test results. He thinks she should see a counsellor, but Nicole says she can talk to Penn. Gina is worried when Nicole fails an exam. Penn tells Nicole he knows a sure-fire way of reassuring her, but he won’t tell her until she has dinner with him tonight. Alf sees Penn and Nicole laughing together and worries. He tells Miles he’s got a bad feeling about Penn. After dinner, Penn drops a bombshell on Nicole.

Leah is still struggling with the loss of Elijah. Feeling guilty, Miles suggests Leah try writing to Elijah. Perhaps some contact will make her feel a bit better. Leah seems to be considering the idea, but an offhand comment from Colleen about that seeming ‘desperate’ makes Leah change her mind.

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