April arrives and hits it off with Xavier

Xavier scatters photos of him and Ruby into the sea. April approaches and tells him he’s polluting the water. Who is this girl? He jumps off the pier to impress her. They chat and he learns she’s just moved to the Bay. They get along famously until Xavier sees Ruby and clams up.

Liam struggles to write a song and Ruby snaps pictures of him. She claims they can sell the photos when they’re famous, but Liam worries the pictures are just for Ruby. She helps him write the song and Liam tells her the song is great – thanks to her. She’s smitten.

Romeo tells Gina his plan to break up John and Jill. Xavier overhears. He’s furious and Romeo scarpers. Gina explains that she may end up with John and Xavier must live with that. Xavier’s convinced Romeo is just trying to offload Palmer onto him. Things get tense later and Xavier and Romeo fight.

Lijuan is taking over at Leah’s. Angelo is being investigated after Hugo and Martha’s escape, and at dinner, Lijuan tells him that he must share his troubles with the whole table. Leah insists Angelo doesn’t have to, and the pair argue. Song steps in and soon it’s all smiles. Crisis averted… for now.

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