April confesses

Xavier’s condition deteriorates and Sid tries desperately to save his life. Gina, already in pieces at seeing her son so ill, is doubly upset over the fact that Xavier lied to her about stealing the chemicals. April is recovering and starts to get anxious about Xavier. She tries to find out what is going on and hears that Xavier is being blamed for stealing the chemicals. She feels terribly guilty. She can’t bear it much longer and eventually confesses to everyone that she was the one that stole the chemicals. Just as Xavier is starting to respond to treatment, Gina learns that she was wrong – it was April who stole the chemicals. Gina is livid and forbids April from having anything more to do with Xavier.

Alf is busy saying his goodbyes, in preparation for his backpacking trip. With everyone bidding him a fond farewell, Morag seeks a distraction. She decides she will take it upon herself to watch out for Nicole’s wellbeing, in light of her plans to give Marilyn and Sid her baby. Marilyn puts together a contract to clarify the position of all parties and Morag checks it over. She shocks everyone by announcing that the plan is completely illegal.

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