April faces up to Dr Bradley

April is outraged as Dr Bradley acts warmly toward Dex. Dex uses this to ask if Dr Bradley could go easy on April. Unfortunately, she assumes April asked Dex to butter her up and tells April to get a backbone. Bradley asks April to do more menial tasks and take on an extra shift. April follows Dr Bradley’s earlier advice and uses her backbone – it’s against her course guidelines to work more than one shift at a time. Bradley warns her: if she leaves, she’s not coming back.

John’s debt is mounting and he contemplates leaving the Bay to find work. Irene guesses that Marilyn has feelings for John and urges Marilyn to tell him. However, Marilyn chickens out and proposes a partnership in a tourism business venture.

John’s impressed with Marilyn’s enthusiasm, but is worried that going into business together could undermine their friendship. Reading into this Marilyn assures him their friendship would not be compromised. Feeling excited, the pair decide to start Summer Bay Bus Tours.

Roo and Alf lose it and tell Sally that she and Pippa need to take Roo and Harvey’s room. Sally very reluctantly agrees. She’s not used to relying on others, but she knows she needs her family to support her.