April finds Bianca and Heath in a clinch!

April and Dex walk in on Bianca and Heath kissing, and April becomes concerned the impact of a possible relationship with Heath would have on her sister’s mental health. Dex disagrees, however, believing that Heath has changed and a row ensues when he says he believes the problem is April’s.

Meanwhile, not wishing to put pressure on Bianca and thinking she’s only interested because they have a baby together, Heath says he’s not going to hold her to a relationship. But Bianca confronts him and confesses her feelings for him, which Heath reciprocates.

Mel has discharged herself from her course and wants Lottie back, something that Harvey doesn’t know how to handle. Alf talks to Lottie and she confesses to being confused, and things are only made worse when Harvey tells Lottie she has to choose who she wants to live with.

John believes Gina is trying to convince Jett to stop looking for his real father, which she denies. But when she finds out that the lad hasn’t given up, her guilt starts to set in.