April has stolen Sid’s prescription pad. She offers to collect Irene’s medication from the chemist, and picks up some ‘study’ drugs for herself while she’s there. After staying up all night wired on the drugs, April invites herself to Dex’s for dinner, so that she can surreptitiously return the prescription pad. It goes to plan, but April is clearly on edge. Could this trigger her OCD again?

Sasha and Stu’s relationship moves up a gear when Stu tells her he loves her. Sasha is over the moon but Indi warns her that such intense feelings don’t always work out well. When Stu then can’t get in contact with Sasha, Xavier winds him up, implying she may have moved on. When Sasha next sees Stu, she gets the shock of her life when he slaps her.

Roo has managed to avoid Harvey for nearly a whole week before he eventually twigs what’s going on. He realises she doesn’t want their relationship to become official. Could her attraction to Sid be the reason behind her reluctance? Roo fervently denies this and explains her concerns to him. But then, she throws them out the window and commits to Harvey with a big kiss!