Irene is still struggling with her chemo and is being treated for dehydration. The ordeal spurs April into a revelation – she wants to study medicine. Dex, however, gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks she wants to take their relationship to the next level. It soon becomes clear that all April is focused on now is her schoolwork.

Romeo thinks that after confronting Harvey and demanding he pull his weight on the Blaxland, things will improve. Harvey promises to do his share. Romeo is then puzzled when Harvey tells Alf that Romeo didn’t do his chores. It makes Romeo look lazy so he goes to see Harvey and demands answers. Harvey dismisses him as ‘paranoid’.

Sasha and Sid are still clashing over her involvement with the River Boys. He tracks her down at the beach and catches her with Stu again. He bans the pair from any future contact. Sasha is furious with Sid for interfering in her love life but Sid won’t budge.

Xavier is irritated when Sasha displays no gratitude following his smashed nose – but Sasha couldn’t care less. After a discussion with Brax and some contemplation, Sid softens and agrees Sasha can date Stu, as long as they follow some simple rules.