April is disappointed by her new mentor

April’s put her foot in it with Nate Cooper, the new doctor, but he doesn’t seem to mind. She’s determined to win him over, as Dex dubs him ‘Dr Sexy’. Determined not to repeat her mistakes with Bradley, April investigates him. She overhears an angry phone conversation and mistakenly believes Nate is heartbroken. In actual fact, he is trying to change hospitals, and makes that clear to Dex and April.

Meanwhile, Casey and Ricky continue to question Brax’s interest in the Barretts and he reveals their fathers had a connection. Ricky wonders if Josh is Brax’s son, but Brax denies this.

Brax leaves the Bay for a couple of days, refusing to tell them where he’s going. Using the address Heath gave him, Brax heads into Mangrove River in search of Andy Barrett. When he arrives at Andy’s house, he finds Debbie Barrett.

Maddy continues to hide Josh in her room, and he reveals his home life has been terrible ever since his dad disappeared. He thinks his resemblance to his missing father is what’s behind his mum’s abrasiveness toward him. When Marilyn overhears Maddy talking to Josh and catches them in the act, the young lovers beg her not to tell.