April is disappointed in Dex

Sid tries to persuade Dex to reconsider his decision to give up nursing. Meanwhile, Indi asks April to go out to Angelo’s for dinner with her, then sucks Dex in with the same request. April and Dex aren’t impressed when they arrive and realise they’ve been fooled. When they get talking, Dex tells April he had sex with Steph, that’s why he doesn’t want to go back. April’s disgusted that he is using his epilepsy as an excuse to run away.

Chris tries to cheer up Spencer after his break up with Maddy and forces him to hang out and try to take his mind of her. However, Spencer realises that Chris’s advice is useless; he has no idea what it’s like to have a broken heart.

John has a meeting with Molly, the DOCS case worker dealing with Jett’s adoption case. Molly tells John he can keep fostering Jett, but the boy wants an official adoption. John goes to Alf who calls Morag. Morag tells John he could fight for adoption but he’s better off letting it go. Alf tells John he doesn’t need a piece of paper to be a family.