April muscles in on Lottie’s fossil hunt

Dex agrees to help Lottie on her fossil-hunting assignment and as they plan the expedition, he learns that Lottie’s little brother died five years previously in a boating accident, hence her hatred of water. April’s jealousy prompts her to join their trip but she soon feels like a spare part and fakes a sprained ankle to get Dex’s attention. Dex takes her back to hospital and she eventually reveals she’s still in love with him.

When Harvey starts to get calls from journalists, he confronts John who tells him that tomorrow’s papers will be full of stories about his rigged election. Harvey reveals the bad news to Roo who tells him he has to resign from the council. He does so but will Roo forgive him for what he’s done?

When a child injured in a car accident is brought into the hospital, Sid is surprised to see Mel can’t deal with it. Harvey is brought in with a bloody nose and Mel admits to him that she still struggles to deal with her son’s death. And when Sid inadvertently reveals the details of the Ryan family’s tragedy to Roo, she later levels with Harvey, reassuring him she’s not going anywhere.