April sticks to her guns

Gina has been fighting to keep the school open. She had hoped that an article in the local paper would help garner support, and Xavier and Dex built a website for the cause, but their efforts have come to nothing. The board of education prepare to demolish the site. Horrified, April leads a protest at the school. Alongside Dex and Xavier, she chains herself to the gates in order to stop the wreckers moving in. When the police arrive, April is arrested… but not before she’s successfully delayed the demolition for another day.

Miles is thrilled after he and Leah go for a scan, and he excitedly shows everyone the picture of the baby.

Sid discovers that Sasha knew he was gatecrashing Roo’s date with Harvey and is annoyed she didn’t prevent it. She embarrassed Roo, when all Roo has done is stick up for her. Sasha is typically dismissive towards Sid but apologises to Roo. Roo accepts her apology but forces Sasha to reconsider her attitude towards Sid and give him a chance.

Romeo is suspicious of Harvey’s motives, especially when he gives Romeo the day off. Alf thinks he’s over-reacting and a contemplative Romeo thinks he might be falling out of love with his job.